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Leather edge oil:

Existing problems in the market of leather edge oil: leather

There are bubbles, poor color fastness, no

Easy winding resistance cracking, high temperature, and

A variety of solid, powder additives, too many problems,

Therefore, the need to develop new products, improve the leather

Product quality.

Defoe card music patent leather edge oil color

Fastness, resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to friction,

And does not contain solid powder additive, no heavy

Is a hazardous material, feel smooth, can be very good full

Requirements for leather edge oil of foot leather products


Leather film forming agent:

Garment leather requires soft, smooth and smooth.

Sticky, elastic, breathable, health and safety. Actual

Two or three kinds of film forming agents are used in the application.

Together, the time-consuming material costs, increased

Costs, and there is also a sense of plastic, not resistant to

Freezing and other defects, and can not be given to the surface of the leather

Good feel.

With the patent leather dephone Calbee garment leather

Film forming agent, after treatment, high temperature non stick low temperature does not

Crack, resistance to freezing and bending resistance, can withstand minus

Twenty degree low temperature, flexible and skin feeling

Silk slippery, with genuine leather, non-toxic and non polluting,

Labor saving and material saving, saving cost, simple operation

Single, and mutual allocation, so that the raw materials of various

Can get a full range of combination, to achieve the best combination



Leather oil cream remover:

Existing problems of common oil and cream remover: make

With poor results, can only be eliminated has been suffering from failure

Put a check in the bud.

Defoe card music patent oil remover cream,

Strong dilution effect on natural oils and fats.

The effective removal of leather surface frost, in leather coating

Layer to form a layer of protective film, proper operation

At the same time, the removal of oil, but also to produce removal

Electrostatic effect; have certain antifungal effects,

For leather fiber, not completely corroded by mold

When the product of the invention can be very good to remove.

Recovery effect.


Waterproof suede coloring agent:

On the market of suede leather waterproof color modification agent storage

In question: waterproof agent and leather fiber binding capacity

Relatively weak, mostly in the late addition of metal

Ion fixation, this will be the subsequent staining and so on

Adverse process, poor color fastness and other issues,

While increasing the cost of raw materials.

Defoe card music patent suede waterproofing

The color agent can and color paste, dye water any ratio

Allocation, get different waterproof and dyeing effect,

And combining with the leather fiber; using.

Preparation of raw materials from raw materials, there is an excellent waterproof

At the same time, suede effect, waterproof agent can change color

The original suede uneven dyeing products, get

Fully improve.