Guangzhou Difu Colour Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, Company specializing in the production of leather chemicals and leather nursing materials is a collection research and development, production, sales, training and service for the integrated enterprise. company adopt to Italian, Spain, Singapore's advanced technology, with first-class professional and technical team and advanced production equipment, using modern management model, for customers to provide stable performance for the high quality products and quality technical services.
  Main leather products wholesale company: a series of film forming resin, solid color bright agent series, wax emulsion series, cleaning agent series and touch agent series. At the same time there are a variety of mending paste series, synthetic resin series, cationic finishing agent for leather products. Change the color fixing agent, greasy feeling agent, wax water, color paste, dye water, fillers, polishes, glazing, matting agent, high light agent cleaning agent, paint varnish, putty, waterproof, mildew, skin side oil, resin, film-forming agent, light oil, oil products and so on performance of soft leather stable, raw materials are used in Spain pirca Lehua quality assurance material, can effectively improve the leather grade let customers, profits doubled.

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  • C-01-W dephone import card hand photosensitive aniline leather brightening agent
  • 64018 special return soft and fat - fat for leather
  • C-02-PU direct import partial hard water agent
  • [import] Crazy Horse Oil
  • Import raw material SC-M-01 solvent type colorless oily extinction agent
  • SC728 sofa mending mending paste paste shaving leather sofa Repair Cream
  • SL-02 dephone card music suede waterproof agent
  • NC-01 water strong film removal agent
  • Mirror leather polish paint solvent based leather brightener mirror light oil skin dumb
  • SC729 dephone import Calbee anion mending paste

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