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Analysis on the prospect of leather care industry
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One, washing, leather goods care industry has its own advantages:
1 high profit: the profit of washing, leather goods is higher than the food and beverage industry and other services.
2 loyal customers: compared with other industries, washing, leather care store consumers back at a rate above 80%, with higher customer loyalty, such business continued as long as the wine, the longer the more mellow wine; many dry cleaners customers, usually in the same laundry consumption for many years, and even become lifelong consumers. This is not the same as the food and beverage industry, many restaurants have to change the taste, to cater to the tastes of consumers.
Two, why invest in washing shoes, leather goods store?
Faced with a large number of investment projects, how to lock the high return of the project, which is a topic of common concern of the majority of investors. The laundry is in the industry, the laundry service is becoming a modern service industry.
1 huge market cake: everyone has at least a few pairs of shoes. For leather care industry, never afraid of no source of business, because every day there are too many to count the dirty shoes; in addition, every day there are tens of thousands of leather goods and shoes from various garment factory into the market. Especially with the development of economy and the progress of the fashion industry, the prospect is even more beautiful.
2 attractive space for development: according to the latest statistics, with the city process, washing, leather care store industry to bring China service industry output value increased by 20% per year, and currently has nearly annual output of more than 10 billion yuan. With the rapid development of economy, to advance the vision into the laundry, leather industry, will bring huge returns.
3 cash income, no arrears: most of the laundry, leather goods store is a cash transaction, due to the low amount of a single transaction, the customer is almost no debt, and is generally the first payment. Guests at the door, there will be cash income, there is no bad loans and accounts receivable. Laundry, leather care shops modernization through pre-sale card sales management mode, to recover the cost of capital.
4 easy management, simple operation, modern laundry, leather care stores through the computer management system, and related technical training, combined with the practice experience summed up by the headquarters management system, so that investors can easily when the boss. As long as the master of Science in washing, leather care technology, we can strictly control the cost, access to higher investment income, can be described as once and for all.
5 industry change is small, low risk. Compared with other service industries, washing, leather care shop is a rich industry, it never chastity, curry favour by claptrap. In general, leather care after washing shop opened after the run in period, began a long-term and stable business, and with the passage of time will bring more and more stable customer base, the investment risk is greatly reduced.
6 there is no product backlog and inventory cost: laundry, leather and other industries like retail store, must first purchase after the sale, if it does not sell, it is possible to lose money; therefore, the retail industry must have a unique perspective to purchase any store (the backlog and inventory cost, restaurants need to have a large area of the kitchen!). And laundry, leather care shop only need to buy some raw materials can be, not the backlog of funds, there will be no loss of inventory.
7 small investment scale: laundry, leather care shops belonging to the small business investment projects, especially for some idle funds or those who aspire to their own business, hard-working rich individual investors who hands, the scale of investment is far less than other industries. And this investment can create a lifelong career, to become a source of life in the future to protect, but also to get a good return on investment.