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Analysis of the prospect of the renovation of luxury leather goods
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"Business review" said: estimated that by 2017, China's consumers will take over 35% of the global luxury market share, and is expected to Chinese luxury consumption will reach 300 billion yuan. 35% of the global luxury market cake in China, come in a throng around the world luxury goods giant, to attack China luxury market. And what is the future of the luxury leather goods refurbished care industry? Here is a brief analysis of you.
Through the renovation of luxury leather goods cleaning service customer service nursing are time consuming and expensive, but look around some of the big city, the traditional shoe repair, shoe shops, dry cleaners can not satisfy the pursuit of high-quality. The value of more than 10 thousand bag 30 yuan a shoe repair shop to care, I am afraid most women will haunt the love package. However, it is too expensive to maintain the luxury leather goods.
Recently, Miss Wang has personally experienced such a luxury service. A few days ago, she accidentally left a little ink in the bag. When she took the bag to the Central City East leather cleaning maintenance shop, the owner told her, this bag is the international famous brand, maintenance is very difficult, do a maintenance at least 500 yuan.
Wash or not? Miss Wang hesitated for a few minutes to this problem, continue to use it, the defective damage grade; unused, too wasteful. "I just give myself a beauty, rather than lying well, on balance, like most consumers, she finally chose to" wash before cleaning, although some routeng, but then get it back or feel worth the price".
And look around the city, the traditional shoe repair, shoe shops, dry cleaners can not satisfy the pursuit of high-quality. Behind the luxury consumption is a huge market gap in the care of luxury goods, seize this opportunity, luxury leather care shop came into being. The owner believes that China luxury leather goods renovation and maintenance has just started, and the luxury is "Mancheng is" to open a shop, about one to two years to recover all the costs.
China Luxury Consumer Association, said the day before, China's luxury consumer market continued to show rapid growth, more than 20% of the annual rate of growth. Because of the rapid growth of consumption, also make a new occupation, luxury leather care technicians 10493, a skilled, can make all kinds of luxury leather fabric and the authenticity of the technicians, salary can be as high as 10000 yuan.
Master the skill of luxury leather renovation and maintenance technology, has high quality and low price of luxury leather goods renovation materials, their shop business, believe that the future can realize the ambition.