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How does the flower skin make?
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In the process of bovine growth, slaughter, and in storage, there will be natural, scraping, old thorn marks, spot hole, and some parts of different leather flaws addiction with technical engineers more than 20 years professional leather chemical industry of Seiko, mechanical processing, chemical application deployment through Le DFCL with dephone card the product and the company, making all kinds of different styles of leather products, greatly improve the utilization rate of leather, so the material to achieve the ideal products required by customers. Here's why do coating on the leather, from the following three points:
A: the conventional dry embryo skin leather easy to stain, poor water resistance, through the music with DFCL card in leather finishing dephone embryo is covered with a layer of protective film surface, this layer of protective film with the dry and wet rubbing fastness, solvent resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, easy to clean, not easy to stain Yi Bao support, so as to improve the performance of leather.
Two: improve the appearance, and can get different varieties, adding colorant in the coating, the formation of a certain color, can not even make up for dyeing dyeing, can transform color agent and coating method to produce different colors of leather.
Three: appropriate to cover the scars and defects of leather, improve the quality of leather products.