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What about the wet leather?
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Leather careless wet cotton can be used to dry the water, put in ventilated place to dry naturally, then do not take hair dryer or electric fan blowing directly into the leather, leather or cause cracking, would not be able to save. After drying can take some DFKL leather maintenance oil in leather, rubbed oil on the clean cotton cloth, and then evenly wipe the leather, avoid to apply directly to the oil in the leather, so can increase the ductility of leather, cracking prevention.
Of leather, shoes or bags can be placed in clean paper or cloth, leather shape maintenance. In addition, the handle of the bag should be collected into the bag, so as not to damage the appearance of the bag. Some are equipped with leather paper packaging, rainy weather or not to put in a leather goods maintenance method.
I just bought leather, can be sprayed on the surface of DFCL anti fog agent, spraying fungicide, leather is not easy to mold, to maintain the original luster.