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Home personal leather care needs will be fierce growth
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With the improvement of living standards, each have at least one piece of leather, leather because the cause of the material, must be regular nursing care, in addition to leather care shop business is hot, sent to clean or care leather usually need a few days to be taken at the same time, a person for leather care cleaning convenient consumption goods gradually increased.
Leather care products demand fierce growth
Shenyang City, a sell leather care products in front of the shop, the owner of the shop is busy serving customers, the three guests are to buy handbags, leather, shoe care products, five minutes, three customers are in the introduction to buy need products, because the owner is a good material with Weipi nursing loyal fans, so the leather care brand store are the good prestige.
A customer told the editor, he spent 15 yuan to buy a colorless Granville good leather maintenance oil, can be used for more than a year, and you need to get a few dollars to spend a leather shoes cleaning and maintenance shop, in the cost of living rising today, counting the consumer to save money.
A bag of white people miss wang is a little dirty, get a leather cleaning shop, the store price of 30 yuan, leather care store said, Miss Wang's bag is embossed, wipe the dirt in the texture is very labor-intensive, Miss Wang is too expensive, buy a bottle of good prestige and a leather cleaner dermal beauty cream milk, inexpensive, easy to get, and most of the rest of the nursing home can also be the way to clean leather sofa, leather chairs, leather shoes, it is all powerful, affordable!
Leather care shop business is booming
Not only the personal consumption of leather products have increased, professional leather care shop business is also good. "Some people busy with work, no time to wipe your shoes and purses will get here to maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, recent business is very good, today sent a pair of shoes cleaning and maintenance, have to wait three or four days to take, no way, but fewer workers sent shoes." In a small shop in the leather cleaning shop, the boss told the editor that.
It is understood that every winter, from cleaning and maintenance of snow boots in particular, a Wednesday about forty pairs, "there is this year before wearing and want to care about, or to change the color of the fur boots, the cheapest five hundred or six hundred yuan, usually have to wear for two years, some too want to change a color color yes, to care about the life, increase wearing boots, because the price is not low, so the cost of customer maintenance of a pair of shoes to accept. In addition to leather cleaning is very much "the owner said.