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  • Leather bag mold how to solve?


    The general situation of the bag will not produce mildew in daily use, mainly in ventilation or water because the resulting mold, so need to clean the surface thoroughly in the bag before:
    Used to wipe the surface lightly wring dry towel with water after repeated several times, not too wet towel contact surface to prevent water infiltration of water into the skin

  • What about the wet leather?


    Leather careless wet cotton can be used to dry the water, put in ventilated place to dry naturally, then do not take hair dryer or electric fan blowing directly into the leather, leather or cause cracking, would not be able to save. After drying can take some DFKL leather maintenance oil in leather

  • How does the flower skin make?


    In the process of bovine growth, slaughter, and in storage, there will be natural, scraping, old thorn marks, spot hole, and some parts of different leather flaws addiction with technical engineers more than 20 years professional leather chemical industry of Seiko, mechanical processing, chemical application deployment through Le DFCL with dephone card the product and the company, making all kinds of different styles of leather