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  • Analysis on the prospect of leather care industry


    Compared with other industries, washing, leather care store consumers back at a rate above 80%, with higher customer loyalty, such business continued as long as the wine, the longer the more mellow wine; many dry cleaners customers, usually in a laundry shop for many years, and even become life. This is not the same as the food and beverage industry, many restaurants have to change the taste, to cater to the tastes of consumers.

  • Analysis of the prospect of the renovation of luxury leather goods


    "Business review" said: estimated that by 2017, China's consumers will take over 35% of the global luxury market share, and is expected to Chinese luxury consumption will reach 300 billion yuan. 35% of the global luxury market cake in China, come in a throng around the world luxury goods giant, to attack China luxury market.

  • Home personal leather care needs will be fierce growth


    With the improvement of living standards, each have at least one piece of leather, leather because the cause of the material, must be regular nursing care, in addition to leather care shop business is hot, sent to clean or care leather usually need a few days to be taken at the same time, a person for leather care cleaning convenient consumption goods gradually increased.